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Tonight's Homework:

  1. Complete all the online assignments below.
  2. Create a vocabulary powerpoint for chapter 13.
  3. Study for your science final=)

Class Work:

1. Bell Work: Journal and Practice

2. Teacher for a Day

3. Complete the online review(s) found below.

4. Review for final exam

5. Science Jeopardy!

Miss Sharkey's Examples:

Science Tools:

Astronomy Dictionary
Create a Science Crossword Puzzle
Owl Pellet Virtual Dissection
Scott Foresman Science Book
Webster's Dictionary
Dichotomous Key
Science Games!
Science Spot!
Science News
Venn Diagram
Online Dichotomous Key Activity
Moon Observation

Science Sites for Students:

Amazing Space
American Museum of Natural History; Astronomy!
Moon Observation Worksheets
Lunar Challenge!
Star Date
Moon Observation
ESA Kids
Astronomy 101
Who wants to be a millionaire?
Moon Phases
Eclipses Explained
Images from WISE
Moon Matching
Planet Diary
Reason for Seasons
Life Cycle of a Star
Help restore Earth's rotation!
Create A Planet
Create A Planet 2
Toon University Tour of the Solar System
Make the Solar System
Pictures from NASA
Earth, Sun, and Moon Game
NASA Solar System
Moon Phase Game
The Solar System
AFK Solar System!
Space Games
NASA Kid's Club
What was the phase of the moon that day?
Star Child
Looking at the constellations
Constellation List
Constellations 101
Constellation Information
Constellation Mythology
Pictures of Constellations
Find the Constellations
AFK: Solar System!
The Solar System!
Watch this! See how far we really are=)
Phases of the Moon
Astronomy for Kids
Hubble Space Telescope

Classification of Living Things
Cells Alive!
Classifying Critters Game
Living Things
Dichotomous Key Practice!
Wildlife Web Cam
Switcheroo Zoo!
Fact Monster: Which animal is it?
A Touch of Classification!
Animal Facts
EEK Critters!
Inherited vs. Acquired
Classification Hangman
All About Earth Worms!
Life Cycle Quiz!
Creature Feature!
Extinction 1
Extinction 2
Extinction List
Extinction Game
Endangered Species
Endangered Species 2
Endangered Species List
More Endangered Species; read carefully for the specific species!
Endangered Species Quest
Discovery Channel: Dinosaurs
MEGA List of Dinosaurs!

Earth Science
Weather Wiz Kids
Energy Star Kids
Oceans Alive!
Planet Diary
Solar Energy
Hydro-electric Power
Earth's Cycles
Renewable vs. Non-renewable
Energy Quest
Energy Kids
EPA Kids' Stuff
Water Cycle
Earth Day Scavenger Hunt
Water Cycle Diagram
Recycle Zone
Environmental Explorers' Club
Cycles Continued
Ocean World
Ecology for Kids
Virtual Forest
Rainforest Animals
Desert Animals
Tundra Animals
Build a Food Chain
Build a Food Chain 2
Now try to build a food web!
World Biomes

Human Body
How the Body Works!
The Human Body

Physical Science
Density Interactive
Interactive Photosynthesis
Photosynthesis Explained
Plant Salad
The Great Plant Escape=)
Parts of a Plant
Photosynthesis Diagram
Flower Power!
Assemble the Plant
Plant of the Day
Pollen Park!

Science (All Categories)
The Science Spot!
Dissection Game
Kid's Zone
Middle School Science
Kids Connect

Science Explorer

Science Articles:

Saturn's New Ring
Scientists Discover New Creature: half plant half animal!

Planet Project 1: Charting the Planets of our Solar System

Use the websites below to help complete your chart:

Nine Planets
Planet Info
Planet Helper

Planet Project 2: Planet for Sale

Use the website below and any of our other Astronomy websites to help complete your PowerPoint.

Planet for Sale

The Incredible; Edible Cell

Explanation of Project

Biome PowerPoint Project

Below you will find a list of resources to help you and your partner complete the biome project; wikipedia.org is a very helpful source for finding the kingdom, phylum, class, order, family, genus, and species of the plants and animals within your biome. For example, if I am writing about the decidious forest biome, I may want to teach my classmates about the white tailed deer. Click the link below to see how valuable wikipedia can be:

White tailed deer

Notice how the kingdom, phylum, class, order, family, genus and species are all listed at the right hand side of the web page. Wikipedia does the same thing for plant species! This website, along with Google image is a great way to find pictures as well. Other helpful websites are listed below:

Biome 1

Biome 2

Biome 3

Rainforest Animals
Desert Animals
Tundra Animals
World Biomes
Coral Reef
Ocean World

Click below to view the biome PowerPoint outline:

Click below to view an example:

Phylum Chordata Presentation Project:

Animals of the World



Nat Geo Amphibians



BBC Mammals

Reptiles Alive!


Nat Geo Fish

Phylum Chordata

School EB


Nat Geo Reptiles

Science Videos

Dragonfly TV Living ThingsDragonfly ScienceGiant Japanese SalamandersPanda VideoHow Stuff Works: Classification of AnimalsMars
Life Cycle of a Frog
Museum of Natural History

Exploring the Solar System: National Geographic

40th Anniversary of Apollo 11 Landing from USA Today

Compare the stars!
Earth's Rotation