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Tree House Journals

That is a pretty picture of a treehouse. If my father was still alive Me and him would make one. Maybe not as good but something close. I really like how you can only see nature all around it. In the mornings me and my grandma watch a show that has monkeys in it and this looks like where their feeding area is.

One day I went to the forest. I saw a lot of the animals that live there. Then I saw something watching me. When I turned around there was a little monkey. His family was there too. They had a house that they had bulit into a tree. It looked just like a big house. The father did pretty good to only have four fingers. So they invited me over their house to eat. We had ribs and koolaid for dinner. Then I went on my way, back to my search for animals.

Once upon a time there was a big family. They had no food or drinks. They were lonely and no one cared for them. The mom's name is Hally. She would break her back for the 3 chrilden she had. She had one son named Bobby,and two twin girls named Danna,and Ranny. They would help their mother earn money so she could buy a house. But when she was done she and her family didn't have enough. So they tried to work very hard. They only came up to $1000 dollars. She needed more to buy a house for her and her family. One day the girls ran into the woods to find a lake for some fish and came across and magical cabin with lots of food and drinks for the whole family. They ran to their hide out to tell the others. They wouldn't listen. So they ran away to the cabin and prayed. Oh magical cabin why won't our family listen to us?When they were done praying they saw their family in the woods trying to look for the girls and came across the magical cabin to pray if they would see the girl ever again. They went in and saw both the girls. Mom told you that we weren't lying sald Danna. Oh girls I love you so much. We love you to mom. The family found a place and lived HAPPILY EVER AFTER!!!!!!!!!!!!
The End!!!!!!

There was a girl named Jese her parents Marthia, and Joe were planing to go camping in the forest but litle Jese didn't know that her family was planning to go. The next day Jese's sister Lena came from her friend's house from a sleepover Jese asked Lena "DID YOU KNOW THAT MOM AND DAD were PLANNING TO GO CAMPING"? Lena said:YES, I DID KNOW. So Jese hurried and ran up stairs and started crying she kept saying "HOW COME NOBODY TOLD ME? I DO NOT WANT TO LEAVE IT IS NOT FAIR". Her mom Marthia went up to Jese's room and asked her what is wrong? and why are you so sad? Jese said "HOW COME YOU AND DAD DID NOT TELL ME ABOUT THE CAPING PLACE THAT WE ARE GOING" BUT YOU TOLD LENA"? Honey settle down it is ok it was suppose to be a surprise so when are we moving tomorrow. When the day came Jese was very sad because she had to leave her friends soon when they got there were lots of trees and there was one small litle house up there Marthia said" CHILDREN ..........................To Be Continued.

Once, I lived deep in the rainforest.It was hot and muggy.The sun was shining down through the canapies. It was a normal morning in the rain forest. I decided to take a walk. All of a sudden, the ground started to shake. then all of everything stopped. Even life itself...To Be Continued.

One day I moved into a jungle.
It is not quiet but I love doing research.
So every morning, I wake up and study the animals.
I could be beaten by gorillas but I'm not scared.
Infact I visit their habitat 1st.
The gorillas are my favorite.
I want to stay here for 1 year.
But I have to stay here for 2 weeks.
I learned so much but I have to leave.
I'm so sad.