Astronomy Folder

  1. Space Vocabulary
  2. What is a Light-Year? (Read Along)
  3. What is a Star? (Read Along)
  4. Star and Constellation notes
  5. Constellations (Read Along)
  6. Moon Observation Chart
  7. The Sun (Read Along)
  8. Star Light Star Bright (Read Along)
  9. Motions of Earth (Read Along)
  10. What's Gravity Got To Do With It? (Read Along)
  11. Eclipses (Read Along)
  12. Space Exploration Activity Sheet (already graded, but should be in the folder)
  13. Rotation/Revolution Notes
  14. Sun Read Along
  15. Mercury Read Along
  16. Venus Read Along
  17. Earth Read Along
  18. Mars Read Along
  19. Jupiter Read Along
  20. Saturn Read Along
  21. Uranus Read Along
  22. Neptune Read Along
  23. Pluto Read Along
  24. Moon 101 Read Along
  25. Moon Phase Read Along
  26. Moon Paper (that you read with a partner)
  27. Moon Notes
  28. Planet Chart
  29. Venn Diagram (inner planet vs. outer planet)

Virtual Assignments that should be completed:

  1. Astronomy Vocabulary PowerPoint (virtual definition map)
  2. Science Encyclopedia (ancient astronomy and constellation slide)
  3. All of the Chapter 16 online reviews
  4. All of the Chapter 17 online reviews
  5. Space vocabulary typed in your favorite color and font

Extra Credit Assignments

  1. Use the online Crossword Creator to build an astronomy crossword puzzle with all of your vocabulary and any other space words we've learned about. Print the crossword, fill in the answers, and keep it in your space folder. If this assignment is done neatly and completely, you will earn 10 extra credit points!