What is a Wikispace?

Dear Parents & Guardians,
I wanted to send home a letter informing you about Wikispace is a website that we use strictly for educational purposes here at ATA. My website address is and from my site, you have the ability to click on several other teachers to view their websites. These sites are great educational tools as well as ways to communicate to parents about homework, upcoming tests & quizzes, and many other important events. Students are required to have a wiki account in order to participate in certain assignments for Mr. G. Williams. These accounts are very similar to email and give students the opportunity to communicate with their teachers, post on discussion boards, submit homework, and also send messages to each other. This tool is free and is a great instrument to enhance education. However, it is very important that students are closely monitored when using the internet. Please be advised that your child has the ability to communicate electronically with other students, and also know that this is never part of an assignment from one of his or her teachers. Teachers only require the wiki account to submit homework and post to discussion boards. We never create assignments that require students to privately message one another. The teachers at ATA want to make sure this educational resource is only used to enhance learning and we need your help to achieve this goal!

***Please contact me at tsharkey@atafordpas.orgif you have any questions or concerns.
Teresa M. Sharkey

Important Information for Students and Parents: