5th Grade Procedures
Please read the following packet thoroughly. It must remain at school.

  1. Follow directions and procedures
  2. Keep desk and floor clean and neat at all times; no clutter
  3. Demonstrate R.E.A.C.H values at all times
  4. Keep hands, feet, and objects to yourself
  5. Eyes on your own paper during independent work, tests, and quizzes

  1. Verbal Praise
  2. StarBucks
  3. Classroom Pizza Party
  4. Note Home
  5. Raffle Tickets
  6. Marbles added to class jar

Raffle tickets will be given for things such as exhibiting appropriate behavior or using manners and showing respect. They will be drawn for a chance to win special prizes. The more the students receive, the better their chances are of winning a prize! Raffles will be held every Friday.
“Marbles” are put into a jar for working together as a team with your classmates. For example, if the class receives a compliment from another teacher for walking nicely in the hallway, I will put a marble in the jar. When we fill the jar, the class will earn pizza and a movie!

Students who choose not to follow rules and classroom procedures will lose classroom privileges. The following are privileges that will be revoked from those who break classroom rules and choose to ignore set procedures:
  • Recess
  • Group and/or Partner Work
  • Social Lunch
  • StarBuck Fines
  • Computer Lab
  • Fun Friday
  • Classroom Parties
  • Field Trips
1) Enter the classroom in an orderly fashion. This means no running, pushing, or shouting. If you are late you need to get a tardy slip from the office before coming to class.
2) Go directly to your desk, sit in your chair quietly, and quickly unload your backpack. Put your backpack into the closet and place your homework folder into the designated basket. Make sure you take everything out of your backpack that you will need throughout the day. The closets will be closed for the remainder of the day, except for lunch.
3) Open your agenda to the current page; keep it on your desk. Begin morning work silently at your seat.
4) I will either walk around the room to check for signed agendas, or I will call you to the back table. Please be prepared.
5) Sharpen pencils--make sure you have at least three before we begin work. If you do not have three, you may sharpen your pencils during morning arrival (7:50-8:10). There are to be no more than two people at the sharpener and you must wait quietly.

  • Put your name, subject, and date in the upper right corner on all assignments written on notebook paper. Put your number in the upper left corner and the title of the assignment in the center on the first line. There is an example of how this should be done in the front of the room.
  • When papers are passed to your table group or row, take the one on top and quietly hand the rest to your neighbor. If your neighbor is absent, please set the paper on top of his/her desk.
  • When I am giving directions, teaching a lesson, or answering student questions, your attention should be on me - hands and feet still, mouth quiet.
  • Lunches will be kept in the lunch bin until it is time to line up to go to the cafeteria.

  • Please use liquid hand sanitizer for your hands before lunch.

  • Please follow all cafeteria rules. Clean up your mess and do not, under any circumstances, throw food! If privileges are abused, you will have silent lunch in the classroom the next day.


  • We will go outside for extra recess each afternoon. This is a privilege. If homework is not complete or behavior warrants, you will lose recess. This includes not having your agenda signed.

  • When recess is over, I will blow a whistle. You are to stop playing and line up immediately.

  • When your table group or row is called, push your chair under your desk quietly, and walk to the front of the room to get in line.
  • Always stand in line according to number order.

  • Walk quietly in the hallway without touching anyone or anything on the walls.

  • You will only be allowed to leave to use the restroom during your "independent work" time-not during my "teaching" time or small group work (unless it is an emergency). DO NOT INTERRUPT a lesson to ask to use the restroom.

  • You will be allowed to use the restroom 3 times a day, once in the a.m., during lunch, and once in the p.m.
  • When you need to leave to use the restroom, walk quietly to the side bulletin board and take the restroom pass. Please be sure to wash your hands with soap and return quickly as others may be waiting.

  • When you return to the room, return the pass to the tack on the side bulletin board.

  • If the privilege of using the restroom during "independent work" time is abused, it will be revoked.
  • If you must go to the nurse I need to fill out your agenda as a hall pass.

  • Sometimes there will be time at the end of the day to begin homework. If this is the case, please do so quietly.
  • When homework is finished, please put it in your Homework Folder and read quietly. If homework is not finished, pack your backpack with all materials necessary to complete any homework that you may have.
  • Before you leave for the day, make sure your desk and floor area are clean.
  • Wait until you are called to line up for dismissal. While you are waiting, you should be working on homework or reading a book. Please do not sit at your desk doing nothing.
  • Unless I have a note indicating otherwise, you will be sent home the way you usually go home; that is, if you normally ride a bus, I need a note indicating that you will go home a different way.
AGENDAS (assignment books):
  • All homework assignments must be written in your agenda throughout the day. Take your agenda each time you switch classes and take it home every afternoon.
  • PARENT SIGNATURE - There is a space at the bottom of each day where your parents are to sign. I expect you to show your completed homework AND your agenda to your parents each afternoon and ask them to sign it. Parents should NOT SIGN YOUR AGENDA if your work has not been completed.
  • Assignments will be written on the board daily. It is your responsibility to copy them correctly into your agenda and to ask questions if something is unclear.

  • I will be checking your agenda and initialing it next to your parent signature each morning. If your agenda is not signed, your card will be turned.
* Any work that has been completed at school must go home for your parent to see. If your parent does not see your completed work I do not expect him/her to sign your agenda, which will result in a consequence.

  • Homework will go home in a 2-pocket folder. The left pocket will be labeled “leave at home” and the right pocket will be labeled “complete and return”.
  • All assignments are to be neat, complete, and turned in on time. I do not accept sloppy work. You will lose points and have to redo any incomplete or sloppy papers. Points will be reduced for not following directions.
  • Homework will be collected on the day it is due. Generally it is due the morning after it is assigned. If there is an exception; you will be informed. You will always know when an assignment is due.
  • Everything will be graded based on a point system. You may check with me at any time to see your points total for any subject.
  • If you choose to turn in incomplete work or not turn it in on time, you will receive a 20% grade reduction (ex: 10 points off if the paper was worth 50 points; 20 points off if the paper was worth 100 points) and the assignment must be turned in the next day. I will NOT accept any late work after that time, and you will receive a zero for the assignment if it is not handed in by the following day. In addition, your card will be turned for incomplete or missing work.

  • If there is an emergency situation where you could not complete your homework on time, I must have a note the day the work was due. This note must be written and signed by a parent or guardian ONLY! You will then be allowed one extra day to complete the assignment.


  • If you are absent, it is your responsibility to collect assignments from the absent folder and check the classroom planner for all the work you missed. If you do not understand an assignment, it is YOUR responsibility to ask.

  • If you know ahead of time that you are going to be absent, please let me know.

  • It is important to remember that the work missed while absent DOES need to be made up; but you are not to do make-up work instead of your current assignments - you have to keep up with current assignments when you return as well as making up the assignments you missed.

  • Completed work will be placed in the appropriate basket on the back bookshelf.